Ndu education Leadership Team

Thomas U Kim - Founder (Strategic Leadership)

Soo Kim - Partner & Co-founder (Client Management)

Over 15 years of working with international and U.S. students and their parents with demonstrated outcomes. Under her leadership, NDU Education students were admitted to most elite Universities.


Peter kim - Partner & Co-Founder (Academic Strategies & College Admissions)

Works directly with NDU students throughout their educational journey. Successfully developed customized educational plans where NDU Students were accepted to top national universities.

Meggie Johnson - Educational Support

University of Georgia graduate, current Vanderbilt graduate school student & a Fulbright Scholar 2016/1017 (South Korea).

Laura Crisp - College Application Reviewer & Summer AP Class Instructor

Ms. Crisp is a certified teacher, and she has been working with NDU for past 15 years. She has helped numerous students succeed academically. 

Sam & Joy Cho - Logistical Support & Student Mentoring