College/University admission consulting:

  • We are experts in the field of college/university admission consulting.
    • We offer customized, yet comprehensive, solutions to students motivated to attend top national or international university of their choice.
    • We bring 17+ years of demonstrated outcome where our students have gained admission to some of the most elite and selective institutions such as Columbia, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Univ. of Chicago, Northwestern, and Cal Berkley.
  • We focus our service based on four core principles/pillars. 
    1. We conduct a comprehensive academic, social, and leadership assessment and compare those data points to your child's ideal college/university.
    2. Based on the assessment and data points, we develop a roadmap for your child. We use a reverse college/university engineering process.
    3. We are committed to your child's progress until he/she is admitted to his/her school of choice.
    4. We work with your child to ensure a "soft landing" when he/she enters his/her first semester in college/university.  

Institutional Student Program Consulting: 

  • We have 17+ years of experience guiding and managing private middle and high schools' international department/program, and we can help evaluate, modify, or mitigate future challenges.
  • We can develop and implement a comprehensive (i.e., turn key) international student program.
  • We can provide a customized training package geared towards educators, host parents, and students.
  • We can help you mitigate your current challenges through pragmatic assessment, coaching, and training.

International Student referral service:

  • We conduct thorough vetting before agreeing to promote, recruit, and refer international students.
  • It is vital for us to ensure that students we refer are matched with a school able to provide exceptional educational service, nurturing environment, and safe setting.
  • Schools interested in obtaining student referral service, please contact us via email. 
  • For list of NDU partner schools, please click "Schools We Work With"

Comprehensive International student care program:

Our "flag ship" international student program located at the Davidson Academy Upper School: Designed for parents looking for "all inclusive" 24/7 support service for their child

  • Prior to granting admission to NDU program, we conduct comprehensive educational/intellectual, vocational, and psychosocial assessments, which provides the foundation for the student's customized educational pathway.
  • Once enrolled in our program, we provide ongoing English Language Enhancement (ELE) program delivered by NDU staff (with bilingual capacity). NDU tutors are former Fullbright Scholars, and they are SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in Korean culture, language, and customs.
  • While your child is enrolled, NDU conducts “Saturday School” where international students are given individual English language enhancement lessons as well as academic tutoring.
  • NDU monitors your child’s grades and assignments and ensures students are meeting or exceeding required academic work.
  • NDU provided provides additional academic, language, and emotional support through after-school academic and social activities.
  • During the course of your child's journey, NDU conducts a quarterly review and re-assess your child’s customized educational pathway and confirm they are on a proper academic trajectory.
  • As a part of our comprehensive service, NDU provides social, cultural, and social support by conducting weekly, biweekly, and monthly special activities and field trips.
  • As a part of NDU’s “Developing Leaders of Character” curriculum, we organize and coordinate service projects through not-for-profit partner entities in the United States and Korea.
  • NDU works with your child and identify their passion/interest and provide a pathway for extracurricular engagement either through school or outside the school.
  • NDU serves as the your child's life coach, mentor, college admission counselor, ESL tutor, cheerleader, and their surrogate mom/dad.
  • We organize and conduct private tour/visit to colleges, which also includes individual meetings and interviews with the Admissions Director during the visit.
  • We provide a supportive environment by being available 24/7 plus providing additional staffing and leadership support.
  • We ensure that student's spiritual needs are explored and met through a Christian community.
  • We encourage our students to dream BIG and set goals that are AUDACIOUS, but always with a humble heart.
  • Graduates of NDU support system have obtained admission to and graduated from some of the most elite colleges/universities (e.g., Columbia, Cornell, Emory, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, etc.). NDU alumni members include senior managers at various multinational corporations (Samsung, LG, Hyundai, S Oil, etc.).