Future Medical Doctor (MD) assisted by NDU to achieve her dream...

Yerim, an aspiring physician (MD) has accepted her offer of acceptance from Wake Forest University of NC. In light of her future dreams of becoming a doctor, she believes Wake Forest U will give her the utmost opportunity to realize her aspirations.  NDU의 도움으로, 예림학생은 웨이크 포레스트 대학에 입학 허가를 받았다. 예림학생은 의사가 되기를 원하고 NDU의 도움으로 그녀의 꿈을 이룰 것이다. NDU는 웨이크 포레스트 대학이 예림학생의 야망을 실현할 수 있는 최고의 기회를 줄것이라고 확신하고 있다.

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NDU's onsite Academic Support Process...

The English research paper deals with the topic of "What Do you Want to Become?" In the research paper, Yuhan writes about becoming a lawyer. Under our guidance, she interviewed a supreme justice judge in China and has researched extensively about becoming a lawyer. She wrote that in China "many people are unaware of their rights" and as such, she wants to their advocate to maintain their legal rights. 

As well, citing her father's experience while establishing his company, she has aspirations of becoming a corporate lawyer. To achieve her dreams, she wants to attend an Ivy League university before attending just as elite law school. In her paper, she lays out how she will do so. 

It is our work to establish the dream, the steps, and the necessary coaching in order for the NDU students to strive for excellence towards making their goals into reality!


Yuhan and Cassiel with Mr Peter about to review a resesrch paper before submission.

62nd Annual State of TN Mathematics Competition

NDU 교육 학생들이 62회 State of Tennessee High School Mathematics Competition 에 참여하엿습니다.  경쟁은 테네시 주 전체에서 수백 명의 학생들을 데려옵니다. Davidson을 대표한 학생들중에 3 명의 학생들이 1 위, 2 위 (NDU 학생), 6 위 (NDU Student Yuhan) 등의 상을 받았습니다. 너무나 기뜩합며 준규와 Yuhan 축하합니다. 앤디유교육의 노력과 지운이 이런 결과를 이루는 일에 기쁨니다.

NDU Education students participated in the 62nd Annual State of Tennessee High School Mathematics Competition. Our students were part of the larger Davidson Academy Upper School's team. The competition brings hundreds of students from the entire State of Tennessee. We are proud to say that Davidson' did an amazing job, and three students from Davidson took the top prizes including 1st place, 2nd place (NDU student 준규), and 6th place (NDU Student Yuhan). Great job 준규 and Yuhan. 


Visit to Belmont University's Forensic DNA Fingerprint Lab

Davidson High School Biology Club의 Belmont University 방문에 참여한 NDU 교육 학생들의 사진. 학생들은 법의학의DNA 지문 연구소가 어떻게 작동 하는지를 배울 수있는 기회를 얻었습니다. 실용적이고 실제적인 경험을 통해 학생들은 학습에 대한 열정을 발전시키고 그들이 능통 할 수있는 미래 분야를 식별 할 수 있습니다. 

NDU students belonging to the DA's Biology club were given an exciting opportunity to learn about forensic science during their visit to the Belmont University's Forensic DNA Fingerprint Lab. Practical and hands-on experiences allow our students to develop their passion for learning further and identify future fields where they can excel. 

Cherry Blossom Viewing/벚꽃놀이

NDU 봄 방학 보충교육 시간 에서 잠시 쉬는 학생들의 이미지 입니다. Images of students enjoying brief time off from their NDU Spring Break Study Session. 

유학생이되는 것은 모든 시간을 공부에 집중 한다고 생각하지만 앤대유교육 프로그램의 학생들은 잠시 휴식을 취하고 인근 공원에서 봄의 날씨와 아름다운 벚꽃을 즐겼습니다. NDU 교육은 학문적 우수성에 초점을 맞출뿐만 아니라 미래의 인물 지도자가되기 위해 준비하고있는 학생들의 감정적 성장을 강조합니다.

Since being an international student does not mean all work/study and no fun, few of our students decided to take a break and enjoy the spring weather and beautiful sight of Cherry Blossom at a nearby park. NDU Education not only focuses on academic excellence, but we emphasize the emotional growth of our students who are preparing to be future leaders of character. 

기흔/Tony's Research Selected by Tennessee Academy of Science

I want to congratulate Tony (NDU student at the Davidson Academy Upper School).  Tony's current cancer prevention research project was selected by Tennessee Academy of Science. Tony will present his findings at the Belmont University on April 10th. Again, congratulations Tony, and it is our pleasure supporting your educational goal. 앤디유교육 프로그램의 학생 Tony 를 축하합니다. Tony/토니의 현재 암 예방 연구 프로젝트는 테네시 과학 아카데미 (Tennessee Academy of Science)에서 선정되었습니다. Tony는 4 월 10 일 Belmont University에서 그의 연구 결과를 발표 할 예정입니다. 다시 한번 축하 드리며, 토니의 교육 목표를 지원하는 것이 우리의 기쁨입니다.

Happy Birthday!

고은이 생일을 축하했습니다. 한국에서 초등학교 졸업후 앤디유교육 프로그램에 7 학년으로 시작했습니다. 하나님의 영광을위해 사는모습 아름답습니다. NDU Celebrated Goeun's sweet sixteenth birthday. Goeun joined NDU program right after her primary school and started her 7th grade in the U.S. with us. As we support Goeun's educational path, we give thanks to our Lord for guiding her towards the path of righteousness and her desire to glorify Him in all that she does. 


Spring Break

After a much needed 3 day break, the NDU students began their spring break academic camp in preparation for the upcoming series of ACT/SAT, SAT II's, and AP tests (May of every year). For elite college entry, the months of April, May, June and summer months are tremendously important and as such NDU students are taking advantage of the long spring break to better prepare themselves. Every day, we renew our focus and energy to remind themselves that we don't settle on our dreams and aspirations!