NDU's onsite Academic Support Process...

The English research paper deals with the topic of "What Do you Want to Become?" In the research paper, Yuhan writes about becoming a lawyer. Under our guidance, she interviewed a supreme justice judge in China and has researched extensively about becoming a lawyer. She wrote that in China "many people are unaware of their rights" and as such, she wants to their advocate to maintain their legal rights. 

As well, citing her father's experience while establishing his company, she has aspirations of becoming a corporate lawyer. To achieve her dreams, she wants to attend an Ivy League university before attending just as elite law school. In her paper, she lays out how she will do so. 

It is our work to establish the dream, the steps, and the necessary coaching in order for the NDU students to strive for excellence towards making their goals into reality!


Yuhan and Cassiel with Mr Peter about to review a resesrch paper before submission.