Reflection/Aspiration: Yuhan Qiao and Yiming (Lynn) Zhong

The animation film, Sing, is about a group of animals wanting to realize their dreams to become professional entertainers. It inspired us that the animals’ dreams are significant and meaningful to them and that they will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. At this point in our lives, we do not have a specific dream yet, but we learned so much from the movie. We were impressed with the characters’ perseverance and grit to move towards their goals with undying spirit.

We, too, moved to America that is 10,000 miles away from our homes in China to pursue our future plan. Whatever that role may be, perhaps as international lawyers or doctors or scientists, we are super-looking forward to work towards that goal of becoming a person that makes a difference in the world. Today, we are here, at a place that feels like its 10,000 billion miles away from our friends, our family, and our beloved homeland. The language is different, the diet is very strange and many other components of our lives is not like home. However, the past is not what's important, rather, it's the what we do in the present that will lead to our future. Now till then, we aim to explore, figure out what we want to do that is uniquely best in the world, and work to make it into reality. Effectively, there is no difference between those movie characters and us. We all fight for our dreams and for our futures. Our ultimate aim and goal is to eventually become what we want to become to make a positive difference in our own lives, families and the world.


Yuhan Qiao and Yiming (Lynn) Zhong