Hangang Seoul Korea Shangahi China 5K Run/Walk

NDU students,  working together to support West Nashville Dream Center, are organizing a charity run walk event in Seoul and Shanghai on July 14. 

All year, NDU students have worked closely with the Dream Center to further their vision to support the inner city community of Nashville. To that end, the students have created events in their respective countries to extend their work for the center in their summer vacation time in China and Korea.

NDU HOBY Participants & Univ. of Rochester

Two of NDU students are spending part of their summer interacting with future leaders through the HOBY leadership program. We are constantly challenging and finding ways to encourage and support our students as they develop their leadership path. 



NDU's rising seniors had the privilege to learn about University of Rochester. As NDU students prepare for the university application process, we are encouraging them to explore and identify schools that will help propel their future. 


Service Before Self...

On May 13, Mothers Day Sunday,  the NDU student group led a family portrait session for the single mothers of inner city Nashville. It was entirely organized and ran by the students who desire to share their care and love with  the families supported by the Nashville Dream Center. The portraits will be printed, framed and presented to the families in June.

Future Oscar Winning Directors????

NDU students, Kyle Kim, Minho Kim, Jake Kim and Dan Lee, are making a film depicting their unique individual perspectives as international students studying in the US. Their intention is to compete at the state film competition in May. NDU학생인 카일, 민호 김, 제이크 김, 그리고 댄 이는 미국에서 공부하는 유학생들의 모습을 그린 영화를 만들고 있다. 그들의 의도는 5월에 열리는 주 영화제 대회에 참가하는 것이다. 행운을 빌어요, 학생들!

Best of luck, students!

Exploring expressive self!

NDU Students Alex, Skylar (pictured), and Dan played an integral part in the Davidson Academy's Drama Program this season. NDU program encourages students to engage extracurricular areas and participate in various psychosocial areas that enhance their ability develop as a complete person. We are proud of Alex, Skylar, and Dan as they challenge themselves to develop other areas of personhood. NDU학생 알렉스, 스카일라, 댄 이 이번 시즌 데이빗슨 아카데미의 드라마 프로그램에 꼭 필요한 역할을 했다. NDU프로그램은 학생들로 하여금, 완전한 사람으로 성장할 수 있도록 하는, 특별한 활동을 하고, 다양한 정신-사회적 분야에 참여하도록 한다. 우리는 알렉스, 스카일라, 그리고 댄 이 인격의 다른 영역을 개발하는데 도전한 것에 대해 자랑스러워 한다.